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Hot Stone Massage

“Hot Stones is the best massage I have had. I am so relaxed I go to sleep. I have also had Reflexology, which was very good. The Centre is very clean and the staff are very friendly. I love going – it is the only time I get to relax.”
- Diane Roberts

Sports Massage

“I am having Sports Massage on my back, neck and shoulders about once a month with Lesley. Since coming everything has improved so much. It is such a pleasure to come here and it is an hour of ‘me’ time. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It’s such a calm and serene place. Excellent!”
- Jenny

Bowen Technique

“ I have been having Bowen Therapy for four months and it has been so beneficial.

 - Marilyn

As someone who has suffered for many years it was suggested by my GP that I try Positive Living for some help. I was recommended to try the Bowen Technique, which improved my condition almost immediately. I continue to have treatment on a regular basis and feel so grateful for the help it gives me.

- Beth


   “I have had really good experiences with Bowen treatments at Positive Living.. I can thoroughly recommend the treatment as gentle and effective even when other things have failed”.

      - S.G.



“Excellent treatment. Great improvement to inner, overall well-being.”
- J A


Hopi Ear Candles

“My Hopi Ear Candle treatment was remarkable. I shall be coming again.”
- Anne Hassett


I have been treated by Tina for Health Kinesiology since I was around 13 years old - nearly 13 years ago to date.

When I was 11, my parents discovered Kinesiology as a last resort after trying to treat my M.E for a number of years. At this time, ME was little known but after convincing the medical world to take me seriously, I had previously tried medication and cognitive behavioural therapy. When this didn't work, Doctors had no options but to tell me to "live with it for the rest of my life". I had been ill for many years, I was bed bound and unable to go to school. A simple cold would knock me out completely for 6 months, leaving me without even the energy to wash or feed myself. I narrowly missed being taken to hospital to be fed on a drip. However, after being treated by Tina, my story improves...

After just one treatment, I felt energy, albeit brief but I had energy for a short while. After a couple of months of treatment, these energetic moments (ranging from getting out of bed, walking without assistance etc) got longer and the gaps in between shortened. It took time but I got better and at the age of 14, I went back to school!

I can't express how much Kinesiology has helped me, not just with ME but throughout my life since. Over the years, it has helped me with a range of issues: work stress; chronic chest infections; headaches; tiredness, digestive problems and has relieved aches and pains in my first pregnancy. My first baby is due in March and I am going to use Kinesiology to help me get into the right frame of mind for birth too.

As hard as it is to describe the treatment, it is essentially gentle muscle testing to delve into the body's knowledge to find the answers to problems. It is truly astounding. I am now training at Positive Living to be a Touch for Health Kinesiologist myself and I hope to be qualified in 2017. The training I have received so far has been professional, knowledgeable and so enjoyable - I can't recommend it enough.

And I will never be able to thank Tina enough for helping me time and time again. I'm glad our paths crossed many years ago.

- Jade


“I have had Kinesiology with Tina whenever anything bothers me health wise – it is remarkable!  I bring my kids to see her too, and they respond very well!”
- SC


After attending an introductory course at City of Bristol College with Tina around 2002, I decided to bring my daughter to the centre back around 2003. Niamh was struggling and was on lots of medication that wasn't working.

She saw Tina a few times and received kinesiology, massage and a general 'overhaul'. During one of these sessions Tina suggested Bach flowers and recommended Sweet Chestnut. As a parent of a 4-5 year old, I took the bottle, but found it disturbing to think that my lovely little girl needed sweet chestnut (feeling of despair etc). I admit that I sort of dismissed the advice I was given.

Well, a few years on we have discovered that Niamh has a condition and as part of this has a highly emotional state. She can be very happy, very sad, despondent, anxious, worried etc.

I went to a complimentary therapy shop last month and whilst browsing once again came across Bach Flowers and was drawn to Sweet Chestnut. Then the penny dropped. Tina was right! (and I had forgotten all of this until recently).
We moved to Australia in 2006 and the outdoor lifestyle is great in helping Niamh manage and live with her condition. But I have once again found and believe in complementary therapies. We now use exercise, yoga and massage for her as well as vitamins and mineral supplements and Bach Flower remedies.

No really sure why I felt compelled to write this email, but I suppose it's because sometimes we don't like what we hear even though its the truth and find it hard to digest. So, although it took me a few years to accept what I was told I wanted to say thank you!

Sarah Hatherall


Acupuncture for general health

"As you know, I think that you and the treatment you give are wonderful and you must have noticed how much I have changed. When I think back to when I started with you and all the ailments I threw at you on my first visit it’s a wonder that you knew where to start. However, as we both know, one by one they all seem to have disappeared or at the very least got a lot better.

One of the more pressing and depressing concerns for me was my weight and you were honest with me from the start in that acupuncture was no magic cure for this. However, as all my other problems seemed to sort themselves out, my weight seemed to follow and I can only conclude from this that my weight was a symptom of how I was feeling about myself at that time and not the underlying problem.

I think coming to see you once a month helps me to keep healthy and positive. I look forward to our sessions and always come away feeling that I have invested a little time and effort on me and furthermore, that I am worth it! Once again thank you, because I really feel that you helped me change my life for the better."


Inner Child Therapy


Inner Child Therapy has been a revelation. A journey of self discovery and understanding that I could not have achieved on my own because unbeknown to me, the reason for my behaviour was a memory embedded deep in my subconscious.
Joanne's skill and non-judgemental approach created a safe and supportive environment in which to explore the reasons for my behaviour. Getting to the root of my behaviour was the key to overcoming it. With Joanne's help I have been able to realign my destructive behaviours with positive, more 'normal' ones, and now have the freedom to enjoy being me.

SH, Westbury-on-Trym

Female, aged 43


"The therapists are all very friendly and supportive in times of need. Lin- who does a brilliant Reflexology and my Reiki experiences with her are exciting, interesting and relaxing.
I have had no side effects from any of the massages or treatments with oils and the Hopi candles and head massages with Ann gives me an excellent and relaxing result too.
Excellent people, excellent sessions, thank you all, keep up the good work."

“Nice, friendly people and really easy to talk to.”
- LG and SG

“I always come away feeling positive and relaxed. I have tried Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stones and love it all!”
- Lucy


“You are a haven in the chaos of life”

- FB




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